Personal Diary – RaGa – Day 1034

RAGA Personal Diary

Learned a new word today – “Net Neutrality”. Mom let me use it in the parliament today along with some other words I learnt before – “cyberspace”, “trial balloon”. Felt nice and important, though I am sure i saw Modi smirk a little. That guy I tell you, is never satisfied.

Really Glad to be back after my 2 month long “SABBATICAL” from Thailand. A rejuvenated mind and Body esp. body, is very essential in a young politician’s career. Especially someone who has a family legacy to maintain.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal dost has again managed to deflect the press’s attention from my return through one of his stunts.. No more awkward questions for me anymore. I have to tell Ahmed Patel to remind me to write him a “Thank You” Note one of these days.


Got to go.. Tharoor bhai has given me some notes on land acquisition and Modi USA visit which I have to revise. Wish me Luck.


P.S. – I am getting a hang of this hashtag thing now

P.P.S – Sachin’s birthday today. is he Older than me?



Sanu is the man

It’s valentine’s day and as usual I fall asleep listening to that voice that has defined the bollywood music play list of every 90s kid.
Yes, the name is Sanu, Kumar Sanu.
There may be innumerable critics, pointing towards his limited range. But damn those prudes.
Sanu is the universal choice in India
for the following situations
– Breakups
– Daaru parties / Mehfils

There’s something magical about that voice and the type of songs he sung. Although he was primarily a 90s singer, and I had heard his songs earlier, I really became a fan of his singing in the 2000s. When you are in an engineering college where the few girls are already taken, Sanu acted like a band-aid to those ghayal dils.
Whether it be the whole album of Aashiqui, every song of which could be the biography of an average Indian youth; or the immortal “Ae kash ke hum”- SRK owed it to him; Sanu was on top.
The only reason I could give a Padma Award to Anu Malik -” Churake Dil Mera ” was sung by the man Sanu himself.
The ultimate Daaru party song” Abhi Zinda hu toh jee lene do” was made evergreen by Sanu.

“Sarkaylo khatiya ” proved that the man could be mischievous too.
His partnerships with Anand Milind and Nadeem Shravan were the stuff of Legends.

In the present  world of musical extremities between Rahman and honey Singh, Sanu provides a sense of balance, a sort of nostalgia that is sorely lacking.
The people born in the cable and the digital age of late 90s and 2000s maybe outgrew Sanu. As his volume of work decreased there were no memories for these people to associate to. People found new ways to get over break ups or enjoy Daaru parties. The trademark “Hainnn Hainnn” got subdued somewhere. Sanu was gone, the age of innocence was gone, the age of poetry was gone…

Delhi elections 2015 – Sab Mile Hue hai..

Delhi Elections

Delhi Elections

The Delhi elections are on the 7th of Feb. As a resident of Delhi, I am not immune to the constant barrage of campaigning by the parties, both offline and online. Be it the “Selfie with Modi” or the “5 saal kejriwal” or the “Tooti vikas ki dor, chale congress ki aur”, campaigns, all of them make sure that unless you are living under a rock, you are aware that something important is happening in Delhi.

Although I am not registered to vote here, I got thinking as to who had a chance at winning. I started making my pros and cons for the parties. Politically I am aligned a little towards the left with a sprinkling of policies from the right. So here’s my list:



  • Support of the Central Govt – A BJP govt in both centre and Delhi would result in a much better synergy between the governments regarding important policy matters as many functions of Delhi are still managed by the Central Government
  • The Modi Factor – even when he is only the PM, I believe most of the important decisions regarding Delhi would factor him. Leave aside all his other perceived negative qualities, he is one of the shrewdest administrators. He would not let a state situated so close to the central power seat suffer because of mismanagement
  • Experience – They have better experience at running State Governments


  • The Religious and the ideological intolerance of the right wing
  • The infighting among their major leaders which has weakened the internal unity
  • Kiran Bedi – Selecting her as the CM candidate doesn’t appear as obvious as it did some time back. Her policies throughout her life never matched that of BJP, the core voter base of BJP doesn’t identify with her ideals, and she doesn’t appear to have the support of many insiders. On top of this, she appears to be a loose cannon who still hasn’t learnt how to give public interviews as a leader, bumbling many times and thus affecting her image
  • Corruption – no idea about the sources of its vast campaign funds, while it points fingers at AAP for a Rs. 2 crore misrepresentation.



  • Intent – Whatever may be there reasons or processes, I believe that most of AAP is formed of members who intend to do good and work for the society according to their beliefs
  • Support among Lower class – For people below poverty line and among the lower middle class, AAPs core campaign ideas of free goodies and corruption free government is a resonating factor
  • Kejriwal – you gotta give it to the impact of the man who is still leading in the opinion polls inspite of resigning after 49 days the last time around


  • Methodologies – Even though the intent is right, their method of governance is never going to be sustainable. Freebies and subsidies are never the solution in the long run
  • Methodologies – this has to be mentioned 2 times. Their one track mind regarding corruption being the only hindrance to India’s progress has narrowed their solutions towards progress
  • Kejriwal – The guy’s both a boon and a bane. Seriously



I tried scanning through the manifestos and the vision documents of the parties. While AAP focussed more towards Swaraj with Mohalla Sabhas and collective governing, they were not at all clear on how they would sponsor the innumerable freebies they were giving. BJP’s vision document appeared to have been written by an MBA student who was tasked with writing a vision mission statement: mostly FAFF.


Instead of insulting each other on petty points, it would have been much better if the candidates of the major parties had gone for a debate on the major issues concerning Delhi. Even “Congress” was ready for it this time – HAHAHAHA…


These elections have been one of the most interesting ones. I hope somebody is recording every tactical move by all the parties as the level of mudslinging here has not been seen anywhere else lately. It can be used as a chapter for political science students.

As for me, I hope that they don’t announce too many DRY DAYS…




I have often wondered about my fascination with Bollywood music. In this modern age of Americanisation of India, where every other hit song is by some band called maroon 5, coldplay or some other rock band, my small playlist still consists of Hindi Movie hits. I have never known what “yellow” is or who my “wonderwall” is. The Tabla holds as much sway in my heart as the Guitaar.

But I want to expand my Music tastes outside India. I implore everyone

  • Help me find a song as melodious and yet so sad as “ Zindagi kaisi yeh Paheli”
  • Help me find an album with such a diverse range as “Dil Se”. Would you ever wish to listen to a song other than “Chaiyya Chaiyya” on a train
  • Help me find a moment as tender as Shahrukh stealing a kiss from preity during her Sangeet in the song “Kal Ho na Ho”.
  • Help me find a song as epic as “Bhari Barsaat mai Pee Lene de” for a drunkard party.
  • Help me find something as good as “Abhi na Jao chhod ke” to express your heart’s desires.


And they are thinking of giving the Padma Award to Anu Malik. I agree that he solved the age old problem of how young romeos could climb multi storey buildings to reach their beloved darlings, but that doesn’t warrant a Padma Shri Award. Even Shiv Khera has solved better problems..

21st century is a generation of oxymorons

It has been a 2 month absence from the blog. You could say that it was partly due to my busy schedule and partly due to my laziness. The 21st century is a generation of oxymorons.

At some phase of your start-up life you will encounter the phase which we like to call “inertia-phase”. You maintain the clients you already have. But with respect to new clients, the enthusiasm has fizzled out as the last few pitches had not gone according to plan. As you are not used to failure at this % level, your enthusiasm level starts to fizzle out. Deadlines for pitches are constantly changed according to convenience. Energy Levels are down unless you secure that next pitch.

My advice to you – soldier on. Try to find out something to maintain those energy levels. Coz there will be many times when you face such situations. When you are not sure if you have got the right staff, if your last pitch was a good effort, if you can pay off the salaries and the rent for the month.

Just remember. There isn’t any better place you would rather be. Have a Strategy meet over a half bottle of rum and I am sure you would find some new Idea to tide over this.


The Key is to keep faith.

Team Meets

They tell you that team dinners are a great way to bond for owners with their employees.

Well, we tried that, with a little difference. The dinner part just consisted of masala peanuts. The water was replaced by a lot of beer, frankly a lot. And one team member was absent, coz of fever. But the important point was that we bonded and discussed. And we sorted out a lot of differences. For e.g.

  • we agreed that Dilli waalahs can’t live without Aaloo and Paneer. Being all non Dilli Waalahs we proved it by just ordering biting of peanuts and chicken
  • We agreed upon doing something about the rat roaming around the office. The only point of contention was whether to let it live or not
  • a general consensus was reached that My Bar CP doesn’t hold a candle to My Bar Paharganj. The next team meeting was therefore decided to be held at MY Bar Paharganj.
  • everybody agreed that the Maharashtra Polls sucked
  • almost everyone wondered as to when Arvind Kejriwal would come out with his latest winter collection of mufflers

All jokes aside, it was surely a productive time for us. Came up with 2-3 great ideas which we hope to pitch to our clients and make money off. A man’s gotta earn…



Don’t mess with the Bai..

Maybe 5 years into the future, I hope i can be accomplished at my work like our Bai.

Be able to Charge 1000 for a job worth 500 and be so in control that the client is afraid to disagree with me.

Frankly she scares the bejezzuz out of me. It’s only a dead rat that she has forgotten to remove, no problem. We can clean it…





Patience Patience

One Lesson I have been learning while dealing with clients, employees and other people while handling my business, is that patience is the key to everything. There will be numerous instances where you would like to take a hammer and vent out your feelings but you have to pacify the inner HULK in you.

Turns out the lesson holds true when it comes to technology & inanimate objects.

One Major part of verifying your online presence nowadays is to get verified by Google as a business. Only then will your business come up on search listings when someone searches for it. But the surprising fact is that Google still uses good old snail mail to verify you. They send you your verification code by snail mail to your registered address. When you enter that on the site, your business is verified.

Well our snail mail arrived today, 10 days after I had requested for it. I hastily entered the code, but the site rejected it. My inner HULK was about to raise when I realized it was my own doing.

Earlier when the snail mail had not arrived after 4 days, I had requested google to send me another code, thereby the first code was automatically cancelled.

Damn Snail Mail… HULK Smash…



A Single Entrepreneur

Thank God, the English gave us the words “Entrepreneur” & “Startup”. They help us put a positive and glamorous spin to the oft asked question by our elders – “Beta, kaam kya karte ho?”

And if you have no one to talk to when you come back home in the evening, you try to find out ways to share all those unique experiences that keep cropping up everyday in the life of a newbie entrepreneur.

This site/blog is such an attempt to share that life. Some struggles, some victories, some jokes and maybe a few miseries. And maybe a memorable journal for me to look back to, 10 years from now.