Friendship – What’s That?

Friendship Day

What does a friend mean to you?


  • Someone to hug and talk with when the world around you seems strange?


  • Someone with whom you can share your true feelings




  • Someone to go on adventures with?


  • Someone who is always excited to meet you


  • Someone who challenges you constantly?


  • Someone who accepts you no matter who you are



  • Someone who knows it’s never about gifts


  • Someone who hasn’t lost his sense of wonder and curiosity



  • Someone you can chill with



Whatever be the case, treasure those true friends you have in your life.



Treat yourself


If there’s a heaven and if they are serving food there, the menu has to include “Jamaican rum and
almond duncaccino” with “Brute – Tough guy chicken burger from Dunkin Donuts” . I don’t know if I may reach heaven, but the people there deserve it.

So, after a long and tough week, I decide to treat myself to a well deserved donut and cold coffee at DD. One more reason for the treat was that I had somehow managed to lose 1.2 kilo during the week with just a single gym session. Somehow there was a weighing machine right outside the restaurant to confirm this.

So like any decent opportunistic junk food lover, I carpe diem-ed and filled my tummy with sugar enough to feed a colony of ants somewhere in Africa for a year. An entrepreneur needs energy.

BTW did you notice the dream filter I put on the picture???