John Oliver – of FIFA, Jack Warner and some awesomeness


I was first introduced to John Oliver when I saw the promos of his new show “Last Week Tonight”. I had been watching Jon Stewart videos on youtube and longed for something similar on Indian Television. But 2-3 episodes into John Oliver’s show, I was hooked. This guy was my new favorite journalist/comedian. His detailed breakdown and analysis of topics was something no one had ever seen before. His videos have created real impact. Even the Ecuadorian president was forced to respond to his portrayal in John’s show.

But nothing beats the latest war of the videos between John Oliver and Jack Warner – former FIFA Vice President who was allegedly involved in large scale corruption in FIFA.

During his latest takedown of FIFA corruption, John highlighted a video which Jack Warner had posted. The video showed Jack defending himself citing an article in the “ONION” without even realizing that it was satire.


Jack Warner trumped this up with another video. He bought airtime on Trinidad & Tobago’s national channel to air a video in which he threatens to expose major corruption in FIFA through some documents – the video was titled “JACK WARNER – The Gloves are Off”

Well, how could John Oliver leave this opportunity behind. He too bought some airtime on the same channel – right before a broadcast of “Mike & Molly” and through this hilarious video titled – “John Oliver – The Mittens of Disapproval are On” urged Jack Warner to release the said documents.


JACK Warner had to reply to make this interesting. He released a video again calling John Oliver a “Comedian Fool” and that he didn’t take orders from him. Note the epic background music..


John Oliver immediately replied with some added pyrotechnics.

Just hope that Jack Warner continues his stupidity.

We are witnessing some TV history being made. For people like me who cringe at the site of our dear Arnab Goswami speaking, TV news had lost its interest.

But it took a comedian like John Oliver to bring in some impact and purpose to the NEWS and keep us interested. Wish our Indian Media houses are taking notice.