Friendship – What’s That?

Friendship Day

What does a friend mean to you?


  • Someone to hug and talk with when the world around you seems strange?


  • Someone with whom you can share your true feelings




  • Someone to go on adventures with?


  • Someone who is always excited to meet you


  • Someone who challenges you constantly?


  • Someone who accepts you no matter who you are



  • Someone who knows it’s never about gifts


  • Someone who hasn’t lost his sense of wonder and curiosity



  • Someone you can chill with



Whatever be the case, treasure those true friends you have in your life.



Songs to be played when you are punch drunk with your friends

SBU’s definitive guide to “Songs to be played when you are punch drunk with your friends”

Note – Only for Hindi film music loving, romantically inclined drunkards.. The rest can take notes, might help you in the future..

  • Majority of Atif Aslam Songs – “Woh Lamhe Woh Baate”, “Tere Bin”, “Pehli Nazar mai”… There is a kind of sorrow in his voice, which forces all those romantically jilted brethren to spill their beans.
  • Some KK songs – “Pal rahe ya na rahe pal”, etc.
  • Emraan Hashmi songs – “tera mera rishta purana”, “zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye”.. even though he makes crap movies, his songs are awesome..
  • 90s romantic songs – like from “Aashiqui”, “Jo jeet wohi sikander” etc.. reminds one about one’s college life.
  • Those Pakistani Rock bands – some have those awesome songs which really set the mood or as they say in delhi “Feel la dete hai”.
  • Other Miscellaneous senti songs according to the mood of the drunkards..

There are some other conditions while playing the songs..

  • The listeners have to be moderately to heavily drunk before starting the songs., otherwise they will appear as just normal songs.
  • All should be encouraged to sing along, once again for “Feel Laane ke liye” …
  • Those eager to dance along should not be stopped, let them go with the flow..
  • Proper environment, also called “MAHOUL” has to be set up before the festivities.. e.g. nice secluded place, 1-2 ppl who would stay sane until the end to take care of the rest.

Some of the prominent reactions to Alcohol

  • Majority get senti n start remembering their lost loves and lost chances “Yaar usko pata liya hota to”, “Woh Daga deke chali gayi dost”, “Kya kamee thi mere mai???”.. Have seen many cry afterwards
  • Some start an introspection of their lives “Kya kiya maine life mai abhi tak?”, “Kuch meaning hai mere astitva ka, bata Sarath”,
  • Some start discussing social and economic evils like they are the experts ” Yeh society ka kya hoga”, “India mai ladkiyo ki life sachmuch mai tough hai”, “Recession ne maar ke rakhi hai”
  • Some just keep quiet and stare into the empty space.
  • Some let off their hidden anger and start picking up fights with anyone.
  • Then There are the rest, who just can’t control it and start doing anything under the sun.

The fun starts when you realise that one is talking about the amount of beer left in his bottle and the opposite person replies by lamenting the sorry state of women’s education in India.!!
An awesome sight Indeed.

Till Next Time


P.S – I got my tubelight repaired at last.