Personal Diary – RaGa – Day 1034

RAGA Personal Diary

Learned a new word today – “Net Neutrality”. Mom let me use it in the parliament today along with some other words I learnt before – “cyberspace”, “trial balloon”. Felt nice and important, though I am sure i saw Modi smirk a little. That guy I tell you, is never satisfied.

Really Glad to be back after my 2 month long “SABBATICAL” from Thailand. A rejuvenated mind and Body esp. body, is very essential in a young politician’s career. Especially someone who has a family legacy to maintain.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal dost has again managed to deflect the press’s attention from my return through one of his stunts.. No more awkward questions for me anymore. I have to tell Ahmed Patel to remind me to write him a “Thank You” Note one of these days.


Got to go.. Tharoor bhai has given me some notes on land acquisition and Modi USA visit which I have to revise. Wish me Luck.


P.S. – I am getting a hang of this hashtag thing now

P.P.S – Sachin’s birthday today. is he Older than me?



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